You gotta love peppers!

You gotta love peppers!


Yes, whether mild, medium, or hot, I love peppers! But this is a special basket of peppers.  A few years ago, I sent in a video for a competition where Michael Simon would attend the dinner party of the winner.  Given that he is an Iron Chef on the FoodNetwork, I decided that one element of my video had to be a secret ingredient.  I picked peppers because they play a big role in my cooking.  This is the picture of the basket of peppers that I used in the video.  Although I didn’t win (I came close as one of the finalists), I still got to cook with this basket full of beautiful peppers. 

Despite no Michael Simon, we still had a great dinner party with delicious salmon and pork dishes (Simon recipes).  My neighbor even made a DVD with the videos that people had posted as their entries into the contest.  They definitely made us all smile.  Any excuse for a party, right?

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