Mom Said OK—Chocolate Chip Cookies Are On the Way!

Mom Said OK—Chocolate Chip Cookies Are On the Way!

Choc-Chip-Cookies_14-07-20_2You may remember that I previously explained that the only family recipe that we have always treated as a secret is Mom’s recipe for chocolate chip cookies.  I have modified it over the years, but I still think of it as Mom’s, so I wanted her approval before posting it.  When I showed her my new blog, she told me that she is ok with posting the recipe.  Therefore, the chocolate chip cookies will finally be moving from Experiences to Recipes! 

Given that I don’t always measure a couple of the ingredients in my modified version of these cookies, I am going to make a batch and actually measure them before posting the recipe.  So just a little more patience please. 

J will be so happy about the need for this experiment.  🙂

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