Southern Cornbread Blog Party!

Southern Cornbread Blog Party!

The Southern Cornbread Blog Party was a big success.  We asked our guests to bring their favorite dishes that go with cornbread.  That resulted in an awesome dinner.  We had two types of fantastic chili, a yummy casserole, delicious chicken and sausage gumbo with rice, pork shoulder simmered with salsa verde, and creamy pinto beans (my mom’s recipe). 

We tasted 4 recipes for Southern Cornbread.  There was a real split in the votes with three of the four garnering most of the thumbs up!


 The 4 recipes tested several tradeoffs including:

  • Should you use buttermilk or whole milk?
  • Does sour cream make a more tender cornbread?
  • Does boiling hot water help the cornmeal absorb the liquid and flavors?
  • Should you use a cast iron skillet or a buttered baking dish?
  • Which is better—bacon drippings or melted butter?
  • Or does a Texas cornbread mix offer an acceptable option?

The results will follow in the next post along with recipes under the recipe tab!   You may be surprised, so stay tuned.

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