Food Photography & Equipment

Food Photography & Equipment

I started blogging in June 2013 (originally as FancifulFoodie) and shared that blog with a few friends.  At that point, I just took quick photos with my iPhone (see the photos on the older posts).   My current photos, however, are taken with a Canon EOS Rebel T5i (a.k.a. the 700D), which is a DSLR camera, and a 50mm lens (Canon EF 50mm f/1.2L USM).  Given my job, I have to do much of my cooking and photography in the evenings after work.  But, not surprisingly, our house does not have enough natural light then.  Unfortunately, the lighting in my kitchen is borderline even during daylight hours.  Therefore, we (my husband and I work together on the food photography) have experimented, and continue to experiment, with a variety of lighting setups, including use of continuous lights and strobes with softboxes.

I am happy to answer any questions about our equipment, lighting, mistakes we have made, and tips.  I have learned that there is never an end to what you can learn and improve when it comes to photography. 

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