Happy 2016! Goals Instead of Resolutions

Happy 2016! Goals Instead of Resolutions

Happy 2016 to everyone!  I am so excited about sharing my plans for upcoming blog posts and my goals for the new year with you!  Typically, I am not one to make a lot of New Year’s resolutions because most of the ones I would want to make would be very difficult to keep for the whole year 🙂  However, I am setting a few goals, such as making some healthier eating choices (but not promising to be perfect), adding some minutes to my exercise time (but not promising to exercise every single day—it won’t happen), and adding some new types of posts to FoodieOasis.  Watch for posts on

  • How To’s
  • Favorite Gadgets—Are they must haves, just wants, or really don’t needs?
  • Challenges you can participate in and post about—Let’s plan to expand our food experiences during the new year!  For example, in January I will challenge you to use a specific ingredient and post a photo of your dish.  Just snap it with your phone and email it to jodale@foodieoasis.com or post it at the end of the Challenge Article for January.  Watch for that post soon with the ingredient unveiled.
  • What’s the Diff?—For example, what is the difference between Arrabiata and Fra Diavolo sauces?
  • Comments on favorite articles and recipes from other sites
  • Top 4’s—Four ways to do/make/eat/create/save time/have fun ….
  • And don’t worry, for those of you that like the regular FoodieOasis cooking posts and recipes, they will still be in the mix

Remember these are goals, not resolutions 🙂 , so be kind if I falter along the way, but I am really excited about turning these goals into reality.  With the support of Jeff and my friends on this project, I know that I can make it happen!  Thanks to all of you.

While I am putting together these new posts, I also made a few. year-end promises to post some recipes from our last-minute holiday party for a bunch of our friends on December 28, so I will get those posted soon.  Stay tuned.


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